Open Letter to Readers

Dear Readers, 

Next Publius was started out of a necessity that my co-founders and I saw in society. With the country being increasingly divided and people attacking each other simply over their political affiliations, we wanted to create an online publication that was honest without cherry picking data and showed multiple sides of the argument. My co-founders and I are part of Generation-Z; the majority of our generation is tired of having a two-party system and is exhausted by the societal and political divide that we see today. It is our generation’s time to make a difference and that’s why we created Next Publius.

Our mission statement is: “Disrupting media echo chambers by bringing opposing sides together and creating valuable discussion.” We’re tired of seeing mainstream media just echoing each other’s opinions and affirming their beliefs without trying to fully understand the opposite side. With our three values of encouraging a younger voice in politics, getting rid of cherry-picking of data and minimizing biases, and bringing together people with differing opinions to create valuable discussion, we hope to unite the country and cause society to have deeper conversations about societal topics that lead to actual change. 

Publius was originally the pseudonym used by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to publish The Federalist Papers, a series of 85 essays and articles that helped ratify the United States Constitution, the same constitution that we use to this day. With the name Next Publius, we believe it’s time for the next generation, the next Publius, to create change. We encourage anyone interested in contributing to reach out to us. 


Next Publius

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