Storming of the Capitol Building: From the Perspective of a Proud Young Conservative


Author: Alex Munguia (Conservative)

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With the conclusion of the 2020 election and the certification of its results, we saw on January 6th a disgusting event like no other in recent memory coming from only the most radical of the right. We saw protestors storm the capitol building, assaulting police, destroying barricades, and forcing a confrontation where a woman would even be shot and killed. Throughout all of this, I wondered, “Where has my party gone?”

The party renowned for its strong stance of Law and Order has now seen its most extreme members completely flout that very sentiment. Although violent protests are no surprise to American politics, as we have seen through protests launched by both sides, Wednesday’s display truly has harmful implications for the GOP’s future. 

Before Wednesday, I held President Trump in high regard, even now as I write this, I still have respect for the man I view as having kicked the GOP’s butt to a wake-up call. However, now I am not surprised at reports that his very own cabinet may have him removed until President-Elect Biden sets foot into the white house.  

For the past four years, I have been a proud member of the republican party, a party that has long been factionalized, and a party that I view as having been revived by the appearance of Donald Trump. President Trump and his followers truly brought a new face to the party, it showed the establishment GOP that conservatism means far more than just tax cuts for the rich. Through this party, we have seen the rise of figures such as Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, and a never before seen version of Ted Cruz

Trump’s Republican party fought the culture war, redrew the board on establishment foreign policy, and pointed us in a more protectionist economic structure. President Trump had many policy victories under his belt, although sadly he always did have something harmful to say on Twitter. For better or for worse, he truly has left an impact on the party. 

But with how the President handled himself Wednesday, that is indefensible. Although he most likely did not mean to direct protestors to do what they did, sadly the fault does indeed lay on his shoulders for his promotion to march on the capital. 

Many within the republican party have felt angered by the way President Trump has been treated over his term with an impeachment, and members of the media believing he was the illegitimate president of the United States. President Trump in the eyes of many republicans was treated unfairly by a coalition of establishment figures within both parties. 

After a couple of months of battling through the claims of voter fraud, the anger of those who felt betrayed by the system finally spilled over. The narrative pushed by Trump’s legal team in dispute of the election was one that sparked many hopes in his loyalists, and as well sparked division within the Grand Old Party. This is what led up to yesterday’s events.

I, like Ben Shapiro and many other republicans, believed that there was to some degree an amount of voter fraud, however not large enough to truly make such an impact that the other candidate won out. We simply wished to wait and see, and allow the process to work out, and indeed it did. Vice President Mike Pence did indeed stick with his constitutional duty and certified the results and most recently, Biden announced Trump’s victory after congress finished counting electoral college votes.

In terms of the future of the republican party, it is hard to say. President Trump has certainly brought in new energy to the party, however with Wednesday’s display we have likely taken a massive hit amongst members of Generation Z. 

Despite all of this I must say the future of the GOP does have a silver lining. This past election alone we saw a record number of republican women enter Congress, amongst several Hispanic representatives and the disabled Madison Cawthorn-who is an inspiration to a disabled person such as myself. 

The feeling of a republican such as myself is one of bitter sweetness. A very strong taste of defeat, but also a humbling lesson. The main problem that arose with President Trump was his damaging rhetoric which tore at the social fabric, and was what ultimately rallied his supporters to storm the capital. 

Although the chapter of the Trump Presidency seems to be coming to a close, I pray for President Biden to lead our nation for the next four years. Even if I may dislike all of his policies, I will always support the American president, and our republic is worth far more than a single man.  

I not only as a republican, but as an American condemn all forms of violence. I condemned it when it came from the left, and I condemn it now when it comes from the right. Godspeed America.

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