About Us

Mission Statement

Disrupting media echo chambers by bringing opposing sides together and creating valuable discussion.


We encourage younger voices to participate in political discussions.

We promote conversation between those with differing opinions on political and social topics by providing multiple viewpoints on any given issue.

We promote honesty by not cherry-picking data, and by identifying and minimizing biases.

Next Publius was created in an attempt to combat the echo chambers so easily formed by the current structure and consumption of mainstream media. We all know which outlets lean which way politically, and few of us deviate from more than a couple news sources, with even fewer actively seeking out sources that knowingly contradict our political stances or values. As a result, we usually only hear one side of a story, and we too often neglect to consider opposing opinions.

You might notice that Next Publius’ articles are riddled with sources. You might notice that the authors’ political leanings are listed next to their names. And you’ll surely notice the multiple viewpoints in each piece. This is our way of combating biases while still giving authors the freedom to write on topics that are undoubtedly abstract and complex, as politics often are.

We know that it is impossible to eliminate all biased language and data in their entirety from an article, which is why we’re focused on providing you with arguments from all sides from reliable sources. We want people to be informed, because an informed public can have smarter debates and make smarter choices about the political topics that affect individuals and their communities.


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While free speech is fundamental to our mission and values, hate speech and abusive language is not tolerated in any form on any of our platforms. While Next Publius makes reasonable efforts to monitor and moderate content posted on its platforms, Next Publius nor any affiliated individuals have the ability to moderate all comments at all times. The following may be deleted or edited if deemed inappropriate or irrelevant by the moderators: abusive or hurtful comments about a user or another participant; off-topic solicitation or spam; foul language or hate speech (including but not limited to derogatory characterizations of any racial, ethnic, or gender groups); personal attacks or defamatory statements or comments (slander) that are untrue and/or violate privacy; and the suggestion, encouragement, and/or solicitation of illegal activity.