TikTok: Your Free Speech is on the Clock

Author: Stephanie Odom (Democrat) Gen-Z, k-pop fans, and TikTok users all came together for political sabotage. Should we be surprised? No. Does it fit into the “anything can happen” narrative that 2020 has created? Without a doubt.  TikTok, a social media platform that is the successor of Musical.ly and started by Chinese company ByteDance, is most famously known for lipsyncing videos, comedy skits, dance routines, … Continue reading TikTok: Your Free Speech is on the Clock

America and a Failed State

Author: Sujin Cho (Democrat) In the recent news cycle, several articles claiming or questioning if the U.S. is becoming a failed state started coming to light. Even the Chinese State newspaper published articles categorizing the U.S. as a failed state earlier in June of 2020. People are increasingly becoming frustrated and using the term “failed state” to define the U.S. in response to this nation’s … Continue reading America and a Failed State