Welcoming President Biden in 2021

AUTHOR: John Bedell (Democrat) Conversation is broken in the United States. Failed conversations have failed Americans. Broken conversations have halted progress, leaving a brighter more equitable future shattered on the ground amongst the failed attempts to find support for families currently struggling and for proper pandemic preparedness. 2020 was marked by pain, brokenness, and a fork in the road. A decision to be made between … Continue reading Welcoming President Biden in 2021

Bald Eagle: America’s Bird

Author: John Bedell (Democrat) Ah, the Bald Eagle. With grace and majesty it floats through the air, the stark white head stands out against the cloudless blue sky. Spotting a pine tree, our friend the Eagle calmly comes to a landing on the thickest branch, three-quarters of the way up the tree, and surveys the land below, the yellow beak maintaining a noble smirk as … Continue reading Bald Eagle: America’s Bird

U is for Universal Pre-K

Author: John Bedell (Democrat) As the story of the 3 Little Pigs went, it was the house of bricks that withstood the relentless blow of the Big Bad Wolf. This story is one that is told quite often in Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K). Coincidentally, this exposure to ABCs, circle time, and flashcards, or lack thereof, has the potential to be a foundation of brick or a foundation … Continue reading U is for Universal Pre-K

Patriotism Isn’t Always Easy

Author: John Bedell (Democrat) Patriotism is complicated. Yet patriotism is simple. Patriotism is a strange paradox of multilayered simplicity that will forever be present in the public discussion. While my view and tolerance of patriotism is flawed, as I have consciously or unconsciously reduced it to something that makes sense to me, I am striving to correct that and hope to eventually reach a place … Continue reading Patriotism Isn’t Always Easy