How We Internalized Capitalism: A Look Into The Psyche of The American Worker

Author: Luiza Calvacante (Leftist) Seven months ago on a chilly Sunday in late April, Washington’s State Capitol building was swarming with Right-Wing protestors demonstrating anti-lockdown sentiments. The protest brought together fiscal conservatives and civil libertarians in a flurry of star-spangled paraphernalia, brazen, maskless faces, and more than a few picket signs reading, “Give me liberty or give me death.” Though seeming all too out of … Continue reading How We Internalized Capitalism: A Look Into The Psyche of The American Worker

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Why Agricultural Workers are STILL Being Underpaid

Author: CAMILA RIOS MOLINA Gianna Nino, a graduate student at Stanford University, faced job insecurity alongside millions of Americans during the pandemic. She decided to follow in her family’s footsteps and pick fruits at a Bay Area farm. In a viral tweet reaching a quarter-million people, she wrote, “I’m about to finish up my time in the fields and wanted everyone to know that we … Continue reading Why Agricultural Workers are STILL Being Underpaid

U is for Universal Pre-K

Author: John Bedell (Democrat) As the story of the 3 Little Pigs went, it was the house of bricks that withstood the relentless blow of the Big Bad Wolf. This story is one that is told quite often in Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K). Coincidentally, this exposure to ABCs, circle time, and flashcards, or lack thereof, has the potential to be a foundation of brick or a foundation … Continue reading U is for Universal Pre-K

USA 1001: Intro to Democracy

Author: Andrew Taramykin (Progressive Democrat) “The line used to be out the door.” Those were the wistful words of the Boys State Chairman for American Legion Post 286 when I interviewed to be selected for the prestigious–albeit less well-known than in yesteryear–youth government program. There were just twelve young men there from three area high schools. Post 286 serves most of the city of Orlando, … Continue reading USA 1001: Intro to Democracy

The Problem with Cutting Arts Education

Author: Teagan Milford (Moderate Democrat) Nineteenth-century scholar, philosopher, and psychologist John Dewey wrote, “If I were asked to name the most needed of all reforms in the spirit of education, I should say: ‘Cease conceiving of education as a mere preparation for later life, and make it the full meaning of the present life.” In today’s educational climate, many students feel disengaged in a public … Continue reading The Problem with Cutting Arts Education

The Wrong Type of Competition

Author: Henri Robert (Progressive Democrat) Americans are no strangers to competition. Quite frankly, the American paradigm of thinking has been centered on the principles of competition, ranging from business markets to youth sports. However, not all forms of competition are created with equal value, and when it comes to ensuring a sustainable future, priorities need to be established. One of the primary institutions that needs … Continue reading The Wrong Type of Competition

America and a Failed State

Author: Sujin Cho (Democrat) In the recent news cycle, several articles claiming or questioning if the U.S. is becoming a failed state started coming to light. Even the Chinese State newspaper published articles categorizing the U.S. as a failed state earlier in June of 2020. People are increasingly becoming frustrated and using the term “failed state” to define the U.S. in response to this nation’s … Continue reading America and a Failed State

Patriotism Isn’t Always Easy

Author: John Bedell (Democrat) Patriotism is complicated. Yet patriotism is simple. Patriotism is a strange paradox of multilayered simplicity that will forever be present in the public discussion. While my view and tolerance of patriotism is flawed, as I have consciously or unconsciously reduced it to something that makes sense to me, I am striving to correct that and hope to eventually reach a place … Continue reading Patriotism Isn’t Always Easy

Racism within the LGBTQIA+ Community

Contributor: Democrat This LGBTQIA+ community had a major win earlier last month. On June 15th, the Supreme Court ruled to include members of the LGBT+ community into the interruption of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which provided equal employment and prohibited discrimination based on race, religion, national origin and sex. The recent ruling from the highest court in the land has … Continue reading Racism within the LGBTQIA+ Community

The OG’s of gay culture

Author: Landon Lai (Social Libertarian) When people think of gay culture, people tend to think of Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, and probably Britney Spears for her infamous line, “Its Britney, b*tch.”  But, what people fail to consider is that awkward silence when your mom asked if the girl you hung out with was your girlfriend, that weird moment after your dad made a slightly (more … Continue reading The OG’s of gay culture