The Romney Family Plan, Have You Taken a Look?

Author: Alex Munguia (Conservative) One of the biggest conservative goals for America as a nation is the promotion of the nuclear family. Within recent decades we have seen decreases in the number of people having children, and this could have harmful effects on our society for decades to come. To combat this, moderate republican senator Mitt Romney of Utah has proposed his new Family Security … Continue reading The Romney Family Plan, Have You Taken a Look?

Can Cardona Improve Immigrant & ESL Student Integration In Public Schools?

Author: Camila Rios (Left Leaning) President Joe Biden nominated Miguel Cardona as the next U.S. Secretary of Education. Although Cardona has been named, he expects a rigorous Senate investigation hearing on Wednesday.  The nomination of Miguel Cardona was very strategic. Here is someone who has an incredible personal story of beating the odds as a son of immigrants. He has more than ten years of … Continue reading Can Cardona Improve Immigrant & ESL Student Integration In Public Schools?

State of Affairs, 2020

Author: Henri Robert (Progressive Democrat) & Andrew Taramykin (Progressive Democrat) In January 2020, U.S. News reported that the perceived trustworthiness of the United States around the world had fallen by more than 50% since 2016. The decline, which was the steepest of any country evaluated in the Best Countries Index, reflects more than just a global wariness of the administration of President Donald J. Trump. … Continue reading State of Affairs, 2020

Bald Eagle: America’s Bird

Author: John Bedell (Democrat) Ah, the Bald Eagle. With grace and majesty it floats through the air, the stark white head stands out against the cloudless blue sky. Spotting a pine tree, our friend the Eagle calmly comes to a landing on the thickest branch, three-quarters of the way up the tree, and surveys the land below, the yellow beak maintaining a noble smirk as … Continue reading Bald Eagle: America’s Bird

America and a Failed State

Author: Sujin Cho (Democrat) In the recent news cycle, several articles claiming or questioning if the U.S. is becoming a failed state started coming to light. Even the Chinese State newspaper published articles categorizing the U.S. as a failed state earlier in June of 2020. People are increasingly becoming frustrated and using the term “failed state” to define the U.S. in response to this nation’s … Continue reading America and a Failed State