Why We Started Next Publius

Dear Readers,  Hi, my name is Sean Alexander – one of the co-founders of Next Publius. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this online publication as much as I have enjoyed working with our amazing team. When people ask me why we started Next Publius, our story isn’t as glamorous as some might think. I believe that Next Publius was born out of necessity. One night, … Continue reading Why We Started Next Publius

Open Letter to Readers

Dear Readers,  Next Publius was started out of a necessity that my co-founders and I saw in society. With the country being increasingly divided and people attacking each other simply over their political affiliations, we wanted to create an online publication that was honest without cherry picking data and showed multiple sides of the argument. My co-founders and I are part of Generation-Z; the majority … Continue reading Open Letter to Readers