Covid-19 and Politics: How the Great has Fallen

By: Wai Tun Naing (Left-leaning Moderate) The world has gone upside down. The virus has gone uncontrolled. Millions have died. And the so-called best country in the world, the United States, has fallen on its knees. But whose fault is that? When we cannot possibly decide which side is responsible without bias, it is evident that politics is the one to blame for the current … Continue reading Covid-19 and Politics: How the Great has Fallen

Open Letter to Readers

Dear Readers,  Next Publius was started out of a necessity that my co-founders and I saw in society. With the country being increasingly divided and people attacking each other simply over their political affiliations, we wanted to create an online publication that was honest without cherry picking data and showed multiple sides of the argument. My co-founders and I are part of Generation-Z; the majority … Continue reading Open Letter to Readers